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Who Typically Hires House Sitters and Why

Published on July 19, 2012, by in Sitters.

Breaking into the house sitting industry on a professional level requires more than just impeccable references and an impressive resume; the most successful professionals also understand their target demographic and know how to cater to their needs. The majority of homeowners that employ house sitters fall into one of a few categories; here are a sampling of those categories, and a brief explanation of their needs and expectations.

  • Bi-Coastal American Professionals – The ease of travel in the modern age has created a breed of professional that would have been unthinkable only a few generations ago: the bi-coastal businessperson. Whether they work in entertainment or are climbing the corporate ladder, there are many occupations that require professionals to travel extensively. Splitting time between one residence and another, or even their primary residence and executive suites around the world creates the necessity for a trusted house sitter to protect and oversee their home.
  • Vacation Rental Owners – Vacation rentals are seasonal dwellings, and as such are often uninhabited during the off-season. These valuable investment properties can fall into disrepair without regular maintenance, and may also be a target for burglary, spurring their owners to engage a professional house sitter to care for the property rather than allowing it to sit vacant for the majority of the year.
  • Pet Owners – Some household pets simply don’t travel well, and may become stressed or anxious during long boardings at a kennel. Rather than allowing their furry friends to become distressed during their absence, many pet owners opt to hire a house sitter. Because pet sitters are typically locally-based professionals that only come by once or twice a day, owners of more demanding or separation anxiety-prone animals often choose a house sitter who will live in their home during the entirety of their absence, keeping those pets safe and providing them with company.
  • Gardening and Landscaping Enthusiasts – Designing the perfect garden and meticulously landscaped grounds requires a huge investment of time and energy; during the warmer months when gardens are in full bloom, gardens can grow very quickly and become unkempt. Rather than engaging a professional gardener who only cares for the grounds while leaving the rest of their home bereft of attention, gardening enthusiasts often select a house sitter with a horticultural background.
  • Luxury Home Owner – Vacant luxury homes are a target for burglars and vandals, even if they’re only left vacant for a few short weeks. Rather than risk expensive damage and loss of their belongings, homeowners whose opulent property may attract a criminal element typically engage a professional house sitter.

While these clients are among the most common for most house sitters, this list is by no means exhaustive. The motivations and requirements of a property owner who engages the services of a house sitter are as varied as the property owners themselves; for many house sitters, one of the most appealing aspects of their job is the wide array of experiences and opportunities that present themselves.

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