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Top 10 iPhone Apps to Organize Your Grocery Coupons

Published on October 13, 2013, by in Sitters.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the grocery coupons that you’ve collected, it’s time to get organized. The iPhone can help you reduce the number of physical coupons that you collect, as well as organize those that remain. You will no longer need to keep binders full of coupons, organized by store or date. There are apps that will store your coupons and help you find all the best deals closest to you. For the best combination of apps for organizing your coupons, start with the 10 on this list.

  • Double Coupon Checker – Gone are the days of checking whether you can double up on coupons with this free app. Simply scan the coupons from papers, stores and circulars to find out if you can double up. All barcode formats are supported, however, if there are discrepancies between the scanned and physical coupon, the store will usually honor only the latter.
  • Scan & Store Grocery Coupons – There is both a free and a premium version of this app. However, the creators often offer the premium version for free during promotional periods. With the basic version of the app, you must manually enter coupon details, whereas the premium version allows you to scan barcodes. Scan & Store Grocery Coupons also has a huge database of current coupons, which you can access on both versions.
  • Coupon App by Shopular – This app is great for casual coupon shopping. Coupon App by Shopular alerts you to coupon deals when you are in your favorite mall, store or restaurant. There is no need for you to set up alerts, as the app works based on location and proximity. The app does not require a logged in session, and is free from the iTunes store.
  • Target – If you frequently shop at Target, this free app is a must for your iPhone. You can add sale items directly to your shopping list from ads, and use Target lists to keep track of the items that you need. Coupon deals are sent twice a month, however, the feature requires a simple sign-up. Although the coupons are only sent twice a month, you can also benefit from daily deals directly from your phone.
  • Weekly Ads & Sales pro – For $1.99, you get an app that allows you to build a list of stores and benefits from daily sales offers. There are coupon and savings ads from over 100,000 stores in the United States. Once you use the app to find the stores near you offering the best deals, the app will even provide you with driving directions.
  • SnipSnap Coupon App – If you like to combine your traditional couponing with apps, SnipSnap is the way to go. This free app allows you to take pictures of your physical coupons, and they are automatically converted to a digital copy on your phone. You can then simply take your phone to the store and the cashier can redeem the app from the screen.
  • shopkick – There is no organization needed with shopkick. You earn rewards simply by walking into your favorite participating stores. When you are purchasing items, make sure to scan the item in order to gain even more discounts. No matter where you are, you can browse through hundreds of deals and discounts, too. This is a free app.
  • The Coupons App – With a useful calendar to add your coupons to, The Coupon App is great for keeping your discounts organized. You can email, Tweet and post coupons to Facebook, sharing the benefits with family and friends. There is also a great barcode scanning and price comparison feature so that you can always get the best deals, even when coupons are not available.
  • Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper – Forget comparing your coupons, this app makes sure that you always get the deals from the best outlets. All pricing is tracked and updated from current circulars from participating stores. To get only the best deals, this free app also allows you to hide promotions that have low ratings.
  • CoShop – Everyone likes a good shopping trip with friends. CoShop allows friends to shop together via the iPhone, even when they are miles apart. You can compare your shopping lists with what your friends are buying, and pick up some great deals and coupons in the process. This free app also allows you to store all your loyalty card details, so you won’t have to remember your numbers.
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