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Top 10 Christmas Collectibles

Published on November 21, 2012, by in Sitters.

Buying a new Christmas collectible for your Christmas decoration or ornament collection is a tradition that many people have.  Maybe you started the collection yourself years ago, or maybe someone started it for you when you were young and you have continued adding to it year after year.  Or maybe you’re looking for a fun, new collection tradition to start. Here are some popular Christmas collectibles that you might buy for yourself or start for someone you love.

  1. German Nutcrackers – Nutcrackers are very popular during the holiday season and are available in a wide range of prices.  One of the most valuable nutcracker collections is made by Steinbach, which is a German company that has been making nutcrackers for over 200 years.  This family owned and operated company was born out of necessity, but has continued for the love of the work.  Each piece is $300 to $400.
  2. Hallmark Ornaments – Hallmark produces many lines of ornaments that they add to each year.  The ornaments are inexpensively priced, and are usually around $25 each.  Every year Hallmark adds a new ornament to the collection, but after a designated number of years the collection will end and a new collection will begin.
  3. Thomas Kinkade Annual Ornament – Kinkade is known for his beautiful landscape paintings and his impressive depiction of light.  His ornament collection incorporates a miniature version of one of his paintings and the year in a lovely crystal ornament.  The ornaments run around $30 each.
  4. Holiday Barbies – Mattel has been making holiday Barbie dolls since 1988.  In 2000, Mattel started putting out a matching Barbie ornament.  The dolls run less than $20 each.  Unlike the other collectibles on this list, to retain its value the Holiday Barbie must stay in her box.
  5. Jim Shore – This artist has been creating his current line of collectibles since 2001.  He has created over 3,000 different Santas in his career.  Shore creates figures for all times of the year, and also has an adorable line of Disney figurines.  His Santas are priced around $50 each.  Older figurines are more expensive and become unavailable over time.
  6. Lemax Christmas Village – There are many different pieces available for the Lemax Christmas village.  Every year Lemax does a signature line just for Michael’s stores.  Sears also carries many pieces for this village.  This is an elaborate collection that includes store fronts, park benches, trees, ice skating ponds and much more.  The pieces are usually less than $20. 
  7. Pipka Santas – These intricate figurines are made in Door County, Wisconsin and have been around since 1995.  Many different Santas are available each year, but they are made in limited quantities. 
  8. Mark Roberts’ Christmas Fairies – Every year a new line of Christmas Santas and Fairies designed by Mark Roberts are released, and the line of collectibles is quite massive.  A Santa that stands 24” high runs around $300 to $400.  There are also smaller fairies that are less expensive, as well as a host of other gift items in the collection.
  9. Fontanini Nativities – Separate pieces are available to add to a traditional nativity set in this collection.  The pieces range in size from 3 ½ inches tall to 70 inches tall, and the smallest figurine is priced around $20.  A 70” piece is priced out at over $7000.  Each figurine is hand painted.
  10. Coca Cola Christmas Collectibles – Every year Coca Cola comes out with a new Christmas commercial, and these commercials often end up depicted in ornaments.  The most famous year is ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing’.  Any merchandise from that era is truly a collectible and should be cherished. Gift items such as mugs, cards and a trailer truck are just a few of the additional items in the collection.  The ornaments range in price from $5.99 to $9.99.

Consider starting a new collection this holiday season.  Families remember each new piece as it gets added to the collection.  Many of these collections will be handed down from generation to generation and are a smart investment.

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