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Tips for Finding Luxury House Sitting Jobs

Published on July 19, 2012, by in Sitters.

For many house sitters, the potential to live in palatial homes around the world rent-free while enjoying all that the upper-crust communities have to offer is the reason they pursued a career as a professional house sitter. Those that are just starting out in the industry are likely to have a bit of trouble landing these plum jobs unless they’re enormously lucky, but here are a few tips to get a beginner on the road to house sitting success.

  • Take the Time to Work on Your Resume – House sitting in any professional capacity requires a well-crafted resume, just like any other occupation. However, working with the owners of exclusive, high-end properties demands obsessive attention to detail and extensive experience. Beginners with an eye on ascending to more elegant appointments may be forced to start small, all the while realizing that every house sitting job is a valuable addition to their resume, however humble those initial jobs may be.
  • Get Related Certifications – Though there are no industry-standard certifications in place for American house sitters, there are a number of classes and workshops that can improve both your knowledge and your resume. Becoming certified in pet grooming and obedience training, landscaping and other related areas will help property owners to realize that you’re both qualified for the job and committed to excellence.
  • Remember That Your References Are Your Most Valuable Resource – The single most powerful weapon in an ambitious house sitter’s arsenal is a sheaf of glowing references. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you treat every home with the respect you would show your own property, and go the extra mile to please even the most difficult clients. Such stringent attention to detail and dedication to pleasing your clients will pay off in spades.
  • Must Love Dogs – While there are house sitting appointments that don’t require the care of household pets, a high percentage of your future clients will be animal lovers that seek your services to ensure the safety of their pets and their property. Building your clientele and reputation will invariably require an ability to work well with animals.
  • Be Patient – Posh appointments won’t come overnight; climbing the proverbial career ladder as a professional house sitter will require patience and determination. When your goal is to live in extravagant mansions as a profession, it’s important to remember how large an investment your future clients will be entrusting to you; this level of trust only comes with great references and recommendations, which take time to build.
  • Consider an Agency – A surefire way of working your way through the ranks quickly is to contract with a professional house sitting agency; their reputation and relationships with their wealthy clientele can help you gain the experience and references that you’ll need.
  • Use Every Available Online Resource – In addition to brick and mortar house sitting agencies, there are a number of reputable websites and online agencies dedicated to matching property owners with qualified, professional house sitters. Local classified ad sites like Craigslist can also provide valuable leads, and have the added bonus of allowing users to browse through listings in the city of their choice.

The key to obtaining luxury house sitting engagements is to be diligent, both in building your resume and clientele base, and in searching every available avenue for future work. With a bit of determination, you can be living in exotic locations around the globe as a professional house sitter in less time than you might think.

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