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25 of the Best Blogs with Tips for Swapping Your Home for a Vacation Home

Published on April 10, 2013, by in Sitters.

There are a number of options available for owning a vacation home, but it is important to choose the right option for you. A vacation home can be expensive, so you have to weigh whether or not you’re going to stay there often enough to offset the cost. Of course, there is also the option of relocating permanently to your dream location. There are obvious benefits to swapping your home for a vacation home, including reduced costs, maintenance on a single property and a permanent life in an idyllic setting. Still, that’s not to say that you should dive head-first into the vacation property market; it pays to do your homework first. These 25 blogs are your guide to transitioning to the perfect permanent vacation home.

Rent Before you Buy

If you’re unsure of exactly what you want from a vacation home, perhaps it is a good idea to try renting first. This will give you the opportunity to experience different vacation locations, so when it comes time to make your final move you won’t have any regrets. Initially, renting a vacation home will also give you much more financial flexibility, as you can choose a rental lease that suits your budget. These five blogs explore the pros and cons of the rental market.

Tips for Choosing a Vacation Home

While a vacation home should be all about you and your dream location, it does help to take some advice from experts. There are so many more elements added to the mix when moving to a vacation home. You may have to move to a new country, deal with a language barrier, or learn to drive on the opposite side of the road, for instance. This is your permanent holiday home, so the last thing you want is to suffer from buyer’s remorse. In these five blogs you will find general tips and advice for choosing a vacation home.

Buying a Second Home Versus a Permanent Vacation Home

Owning two homes can add a significant financial strain to your budget. However, in some cases, owning a vacation home is actually a sound investment, too. Once you are absolutely sure that you have found your dream location, moving permanently is obviously the risk-free option. However, if you’re interested in expanding your investment portfolio, you may want to consider keeping both homes for a while to generate more income. These five blogs will give you some insight on how the real estate market works and, in particular, what it means for you as the owner of a vacation home.

Counting the Cost

Obviously cost is one of the biggest considerations, regardless of whether you are planning to rent or buy a vacation home. If you end up breaking the bank in order to make the purchase, your quality of life may suffer significantly. There is no pointing owning your dream home if you can’t afford to live in it. By knowing the costs involved, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache.  Make sure you know the financial implications of purchasing a vacation home by reading these five expert blogs.

Best Vacation Home Locations

You probably already have a clear idea of your perfect vacation home locations; however, there is no harm in checking out other popular destinations. You have the world at your fingertips, so take advantage and explore some of the most beautiful locations for vacation homes, contained within these five blogs.

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