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21 Blogs Brimming with Ideas for Al Fresco Dining

Published on March 26, 2013, by in Sitters.

Al fresco, which is a term frequently used in dining, translates to “fresh air.”  That being said, al fresco dining is when you enjoy your food outside. And honestly, food usually tastes better when you’re outdoors anyway!  There’s something about being outside and part of nature that turns an ordinary dining experience into a special occasion.  To create your own area to enjoy al fresco dining, you might enjoy looking at some photos of other outdoor areas.  Once you get inspired you can read about how to create the look that you want.  While you are dreaming about your own al fresco dining area you can enjoy some recipes that are perfect for eating outside.  Take a look at these 21 blog entries for some ideas.

Inspiration Photos

Enjoy browsing through these seven blogs and dreaming about how you want your outdoor space to look.  Some of these photos are of high end dining spaces, but you can recreate those spaces on a budget or just take a few ideas from each design.  Even if you are working with just a balcony, you can get some table and lighting ideas.

Creating the Perfect Spot

Once you get inspired, you might feel ready to tackle some projects on your own.  Here are seven blogs that will show you how to create an outdoor space for dining.  Maybe you want to build your own deck so that you can have an outdoor space for entertaining, learn what to put into an outdoor kitchen or just figure out how to pull together what you already have into a cozy spot for dining.

Food Ideas

You can enjoy these al fresco recipes anytime you’d like, but you should especially keep them in mind if you are trying to think of food to eat outside in your new dining area.  These seven blog entries are full of tasty recipes that you can eat inside or out.

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