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20 of the Best Blogs Sharing Craft Projects Made from Recycled Corks

Published on September 23, 2013, by in Sitters.

Whether they’re avid wine connoisseurs or not, many people collect wine corks to use as a decoration in their home. Often these corks are placed in a jar and left on display, however there are many other ways you can use wine corks to decorate. These 20 blogs give you projects that are both useful and ornamental for all the wine corks you’ve collected over the years.

Useful Cork Projects

Cork is a useful material because it’s lightweight, it floats, it insulates and it’s simple to work with because it’s soft. Try these five cork projects to make something useful for around the house.

  • Crafts from the Past: Cork Strip  Create this cork strip to tack memos too. It’s so thin, you can hang it almost anywhere.
  • DIY Project: Napkin Rings You can individualize this project by picking out beads in the colors that accent your décor or complement the season.
  • My Wine Cork Dresser This blogger took an inexpensive dresser and transformed it into the perfect buffet for behind the bar.
  • A Bath Time Armada You can use a few of those old corks to create sail boats for your kids to play with in the bath.
  • Wine Cork Bath Mat Cork dries quickly and doesn’t smell bad like fabric bath mats can after a few days of use.

Projects Using a Few Corks

You don’t have to have a huge collection of corks to create unique crafts. These five blogs explain how you can make a craft using only one to four corks. Cork takes on paint well, so keep in mind that you can paint your corks to change their look.

Many Cork Projects

If you want to try a project that uses many corks, you may want to ask your friends for extras they have or order some online. Sometimes a bar will save corks if you ask them. The projects on these five blog posts make a statement, so make sure that you place your finished piece in a room where it will get the most bang for your buck.

Decorative Cork Projects

Sometimes a project is done purely for decorative use.  These five blogs have taken wine corks and turned them into art pieces, conversation starters and door decorations.  Gather up your corks and try one of these projects soon.

  • Monogram Made with Wine Corks Hot glue corks onto a wooden letter as a creative way to make a monogram for yourself or to give to others.
  • How To… Cork Wreath If you have tons of corks, you may want to give this wreath a try. Once you find a base wreath the whole project should come together quickly.
  • Creative Cork Crafts Use corks and other crafty accessories to create a fun frame.
  • DIY Wine Cork Heart Create a few of these hearts and give them away to those you love on Valentine’s Day.
  • Upcycled Wine Cork Pendants Learn how to slice corks and make them into pendant charms for a necklace with the help of this post.
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