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20 Blogs Detailing How to Set the Perfect Holiday Table

Published on October 7, 2013, by in Sitters.

Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most common times of the year to invite the family over for a big holiday dinner, break out the fine china and set an elaborate table spread. Did you know that there are specific places for setting the food you’ve decided to serve and the dishes you’re using for the meal, though? These 20 blogs will not only help you figure out where the salad forks and soup spoons go, but will also help you dress the table from start to finish.


You want to start any table setting by covering the table with something, whether it’s a burlap fabric remnant from the fabric store or a pretty tablecloth that you own. Next, layer that with a pop of color or more texture by adding a table runner or place mats, followed by the dishes. Lastly, create an interesting centerpiece that reflects the season.

Place Setting

Sometimes it can be confusing trying to figure out which side of the plate the water glass should go on, the order the forks need to be in and where you should place the bread plate. Reading these five blogs will answer all of those questions and more. And even if you don’t want to set the table with multiple pieces of flatware, you’ll still find ideas on dressing up your place settings.


Cloth napkins elevate an ordinary meal to fancy dinner status, and these five blog posts explain how to fold a cloth napkin for your perfect holiday dinner. If you run out of time and don’t get your napkins folded, just add a pretty napkin ring and you are all set.


You can make centerpieces out of branches found in your yard or order flowers from a florist, depending how fancy you get with your centerpiece. If you do order flowers, make sure that you don’t get flowers that are very fragrant because they can distract from the smell of the food. It’s also important to either keep the centerpieces low so that you can see over them, or very high so that you can see under or around them. These five blogs will give you some centerpiece examples to get you started.

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