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10 Places You Shouldn’t Store Your Cell Phone

Published on July 21, 2013, by in Sitters.

The luxury of being constantly connected to the world around you is a relatively new one, so much so that most adults very clearly remember a time before they owned a cell phone. Because this technology is so new, the long-term effects of heavy usage have yet to be fully documented. As concerns rise over the implied correlation between cell phones and health problems and people still have problems thoroughly understanding safe, reasonable cell phone storage, it’s important to fully apprise yourself of both the risks and guidelines of basic cell phone storage, both for your own health and that of your expensive mobile device. These are 10 of the places that you should never store your cell phone, whether it be as a measure of protecting your health or the life of your device.

  • In Your Bra – While the jury is still officially out on the link between breast cancer and a tendency to stow your cell phone in your bra, breast surgeon Lisa Bailey does believe that phone-related breast cancer may be more common than is currently cited. Breast cancer radiologist Dr. June Chen also recommends that women refrain from storing their phones in their bras, just to be on the safe side.
  • Shirt Pockets – Though cases of male breast cancer are more rarely reported on than those suffered by women, it is still a real possibility. As a result, it’s advised that men take the same precautions prescribed to women, and that they don’t tuck their cell phones into the breast pocket of their shirts.
  • In a Stroller – A study sponsored by the Danish National Birth Cohort found that children who were born to mothers that used cell phones excessively during pregnancy and frequently around them after birth were more than 50% more likely to suffer from a range of behavioral problems, even after other possible influences and factors were taken into account. Even when your hands are full, it may be wise to keep your cell phone out of Baby’s stroller and her reach.
  • On the Charger – Leaving your fully-charged device on the charger after the battery is full may actually decrease the life of the battery, causing it to drain faster than if you removed it immediately after the charging process completes. While it may be more convenient to toss your phone on the charger at night, it may also be detrimental to the phone.
  • In a Cold Environment – When your phone is left in very cold environments, like in your car overnight in the winter, condensation can form on the inside of the device when it’s reintroduced to warm air. Moisture is the enemy of most electronic devices, and your phone is no exception. Try not to ever store your phone in excessively cold temperatures.
  • In Extreme Heat – The dashboard of your car might be a convenient place to stow your phone while you’re driving, but it can also be a poor choice when the weather is warm. Direct sunlight and high heat can damage the battery of your cell phone or the device itself, so remember to bring it in from the heat whenever you’re feeling a bit too warm.
  • Front Pants Pockets – Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that exposure to cell phones actually had a negative effect on sperm, increasing free radicals by up to 85% in exposed samples, which led them to recommend that men refrain from storing their cellphones in their front pants pockets to protect them from possible fertility issues.
  • On Your Hip – Research reported by online medical giants WebMD discloses that there is a tentative link between wearing a cell phone on your hip and decreased bone density on the side where a phone is frequently worn. While the study is still in its infancy, it may be wise to keep your phone out of that hip holster until more conclusive evidence is discovered.
  • Under Your Pillow – Radiation aside, your phone can be affecting your health in a negative way if where you store it is disrupting your sleep. Sliding your smart phone under your pillow or on the table next to your bedside is convenient if you’re turning in after catching up on your messages, but alerts and chimes can disrupt your sleep and affect your health, as a lack of sleep can be connected to several health issues.
  • Against Your Skin – Most people seldom bother with reading the fine print in their phone owner’s manuals, but they generally recommend that the devices not be stored less than 10 millimeters from the skin. Roughly translated, that means that your phone should always be a minimum of a pencil’s width away from your body.
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