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10 iPhone Apps to Help Keep You on Budget

Published on August 8, 2013, by in Sitters.

At first blush, the iPhone can seem like a big investment. After all, it’s not the cheapest smartphone on the market. With the plethora of powerful and effective budgeting apps available through the iTunes App Store, however, an investment in an iPhone could lead to serious savings. With dedicated usage and a commitment to saving money, your iPhone may even pay for itself due to the greater efficiency and money-saving opportunities afforded through more conscientious budgeting. These ten apps are leading the charge when it comes to managing and maintaining a household budget, and are indispensable tools for those looking to put their mobile device to work for them.

  • BUDGT – Complex budgeting apps have their place in the financial world, but the average user may be more likely to actually adhere to their budget when the app they use to manage it is simple, easy to use and effective. The $0.99 BUDGT app brings simplicity to the forefront of the model, allowing you to enter your expenses and available funds in order to track the remaining balance. Daily expense allowances are built into the app, allowing you to build a budget for each day and encouraging you to make smarter purchases. At the end of the month, projections show where you stand and how much money you have left. No muss, no fuss, all savings.
  • Visual Budget: Expense Tracking and Budget Management – Handle your household, business and leisure accounts with ease, all from one free app. Completely customizable, Visual Budget allows for manual input or automatic import through CSV files. Being able to manage transactions and view breakdowns of your spending habits and changes to your balance in an instant makes quick work of budgeting on the go.
  • Expenditure – A few taps of the screen allows you to enter a transaction, make notes to document the details of an expense or even attach a photo of the receipt for future reference. Expenditure even allows for tracking in different currencies, a must for international travelers and businesspeople. Available for $2.99 through the App Store, Expenditure is one of the better expense tracking and budgeting apps available today.
  • Personal Finance – Boasting more than ten million downloads and awards from heavy hitters like CNN Money, TIME Magazine, Kiplinger’s and MacWorld, Personal Finance is one of the easiest to use and most functional budgeting apps available for the iPhone. Keep up with how much you have available to spend, your incoming expenses and your monthly balance, all with a few taps of your iPhone’s screen. creates a customized budget based on your past spending patterns, letting you keep up with your net worth and savings in one fell swoop.
  • iReconcile – Checkbook, Budgeting, & Reporting –  Part of balancing a budget for many freelancers and small business owners is managing invoices and spending reports. This $2.99 app helps you do just all of this with ease and efficiency. You can create multiple accounts, group those accounts in the most functional classifications for you and even transfer funds from one account to another in no time.
  • MoneyBook – finance with flair – The simple interface and intuitive functionality makes the $2.99 MoneyBook app seem like a no-frills application, but that simple facade houses a powerhouse of functions that make managing and maintaining a budget the work of a moment. Balance expenses versus your income, add notations for expenses, track your savings progress over a period of several months and keep an overview of all past transactions from one powerful app, and make quick work of saving real money.
  • Simple – Better Banking – Within moments of making a purchase, the free Simple app will update your available balance and let you know how much you can afford with their trademarked Safe-to-Spend™ function. Simple will even help you locate the nearest ATM, send payments and activate a new debit card with no hassle and no wasted time.
  • Smart Budget – In addition to being a high-functioning budgeting app, Smart Budget is also a “cute” app that has a pretty and inviting interface. Free from the App Store, Smart Budget lite can be upgraded to the full version through an in-app purchase.
  • All Budget – Keeping up with what’s going out of your account versus what’s coming in has never been so easy. This $1.99 app lets you set up accounts, manage transactions, generate reports and even set custom icons for multiple categories.
  • Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Sync – The envelope budgeting system is a time-honored one, and this free app brings it into the virtual age with a digital mock-up that’s useful and effective. You can’t feasibly carry a binder full of envelopes around with you, but Easy Envelope Budget Aid lets you bring your budgeting tools with you, no matter where you go. You can even sync multiple devices and web-based clients for collaborative budget management!
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