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10 iPhone Apps for Storing Your Contacts

Published on January 8, 2013, by in Sitters.

While Apple’s powerful and popular iPhone mobile device does have a native contacts storing app built in, the App Store is populated with an impressive array of alternatives that offer more features or are billed as more efficient, effective or intuitive at storing phone contacts. If you’re an iPhone user who isn’t a fan of the native contacts function, these 10 apps may be just what you’re looking for.

  1. NQ Contacts Sync – If you own more than one mobile device and need to sync your contacts across the board, this free app is a great tool for managing the task. You can backup and retrieve your contacts, and even share between phones running different operating systems. Send your iPhone contacts to your Blackberry, or retrieve your contacts from an Android phone for placement on your iPhone. Not only will you be able to keep all of your contacts with you regardless of which phone you’re carrying; you’ll also never have to worry about losing your contacts if your phone is damaged, lost or stolen!
  2. My Contacts Backup – Backing up your contacts can help to prevent a total address book loss in the event of a broken, stolen or misplaced phone. This free app does just that, backing up your contacts and sending an email containing a .vcf file with all of the pertinent information enclosed.
  3. Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts – Managing separate groups has never been so simple! This $4.99 app helps you view and manage your group contacts easily and send mass or group SMS text messages or emails to selected groups quickly, with no hassles or fuss.
  4. Contacts Journal – Professional CRM – Save notes about meetings, attach documents to the pertinent contact’s entry, and keep detailed information about everyone in your address book at the tips of your fingers with this $7.99 app, which allows you to maximize your networking potential, keep up with both business and personal interactions, manage a call log, and see a map of all of your contacts simply and efficiently.
  5. Contact Capture – Rather than manually entering all of the contact information from an email signature, text message or web page, let this free app do the work for you! Just highlight the information you want to store and let Contact Capture handle the rest.
  6. Smartr Contacts for iPhone – With the free Smartr Contacts app you can build detailed profiles for everyone in your phone book, collecting information from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as managing your communication history with specific contacts. Awarded with four out of five stars by Macworld and called the “Best Address Book App for iPhone” by Lifehacker, this impressive tool now features iCloud support.
  7. Fast Contacts – Not only will this $1.99 app keep up with your contacts, it will also remind you of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other important events, find buried contact information, and search your synced Outlook Notes. You can also send group emails to selected contacts, sort entries by location, and customize your color scheme in order to reflect your own unique taste.
  8. Multi Edit – Contacts Manager – Merge duplicate contacts, send Group SMS/Mail to favorite contacts, stay up-to-date on upcoming events and birthdays, and backup all of your contacts with a single tap of the screen with this $1.99 app. Keeping your address book clean and organized can be an overwhelming task when it’s managed manually. This app makes quick work of sorting, clearing and managing contacts.
  9. New Digits – Find Your Newest Contacts Sorted by Order Added – Locate all of your most recently added contacts with this $0.99 app, which will sort through the multitude of contacts in your iPhone quickly, returning information for the newest with no trouble at all. Arrange your iPhone contacts by date created or date of last modification, or even just browse your new contacts in order to jog your memory.
  10. Secret Contacts – If you need to keep your contacts’ information clear of prying eyes, the $14.99 Secret Contacts app will do just that. Your Secret Contacts address book is locked, keeping sensitive information private and protected.

Storing your contacts and managing your mobile address book with these apps may be quicker and more efficient than completing the same task is when you’re using the native contacts function; however, it’s still distracting and presents a significant risk if you use them while you’re driving. Texting and driving is against the law in many states for one reason: it’s reckless and is dangerous to both your own wellbeing and that of other drivers around you. Remember to save your contacts storing or backups until a time when you’re not behind the wheel, eliminating one more hazard on the road.

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