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10 Dollar Gift Ideas for Work or Family Gift Swaps

Published on December 4, 2012, by in Sitters.

If you’ve ever participated in a gift swap or exchange before you’ve likely noticed that a few select gifts are the coveted gifts, and always seem to get stolen repeatedly, while other gifts are a little less popular and don’t go beyond the person who picked them.  What makes a gift great enough to be stolen over and over?  Check out these 10 gift ideas for gifts that are around $10 each to get ideas that are sure to be a hit for your next gift swap.

  1. Gift cards – It’s a no brainer that people always fight over gift cards because they’re something everyone can use.  Picking a gift card that is versatile and can be used by both men and women is your best bet when it comes to selecting the type of card to purchase.  Some examples of good options are cards for the local coffee shop, a new restaurant that has just opened that everyone is talking about, or a restaurant close to where you work, if you’re doing a work gift swap.
  2. Lottery tickets – You might be thinking that if all of the tickets are losers then that person didn’t get anything for their gift except the fun of scratching off the tickets.  However, that isn’t how most people see it, because they have the opportunity to win a lot more than $10.  And don’t minimize the fun of scratching off the tickets – people often love the anticipation that comes when scratching off a ticket almost as much as winning some extra cash!
  3. Scarf – Keep your eyes open for sales and coupons because you can often you find beautiful scarves that would normally retail for $25 for only $10.  People will appreciate this because they’ll be getting something that is much nicer than what $10 would normally buy.  Make sure to pick neutral colors and patterns so that it appeals to a wide range of people.
  4. Serving plate – Serving plates and platters can be a nice gift because people won’t often splurge on things that will only get use once or twice a year. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t want that item, just that they don’t see the value in spending their own money on it. Getting it as a gift makes receiving one a real treat.
  5. Chocolate – Don’t buy just any chocolate, buy good quality chocolate.  While picking up a candy bar at the grocery store may be par for the course, people rarely go out and buy high quality chocolate for themselves.
  6. Jewelry – This won’t be expensive jewelry, but you can get really pretty, unique jewelry on sale that people will love.  A necklace is usually a good option; try sticking to colors that many people wear like blue, red or black, or to more neutral pieces that come in metallic finishes, like bronze, gold or silver.
  7. Ring holder – A ring holder is something that most people probably never even think about buying when they are out shopping.  Find one that is unique, like an umbrella or a peacock, and people will be so enthralled that they will want it for themselves.
  8. Travel coffee mug – Many people drink coffee, but don’t want to spend the extra money buying a nice travel mug when they can just use the cup that comes from the coffee place or gas station.  This gift works for men or women.  A nice touch would be to fill it with candy.
  9. Cork screw – This gift is a good unisex option, and many people drink wine so it’s a useful gift as well.  While most people likely have a basic cork screw at home, you can try to find one that does something different, or that comes with additional pieces that would be useful for a wine lover.
  10. Something funny – Another gift that often goes over well is one that makes everyone laugh.   An office voodoo kit would be funny for an office gift exchange, and a joke a day calendar to put on a desk would be appropriate for men or women that have a desk job.

If you get invited to participate in a gift swap this year, think about giving one of these gifts a try to see if your gift ends up being the one that everyone fights over.  If it gets stolen a couple times during the swap, you’ll know that you did your gift buying job well.

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  1. A proven winner is the slingshot duck…
    The white elephant gift exchange party is really about the fun conversation and banter that is created as the gifts are opened. A gift the moves or makes noise usually is very good for creating conversation.
    Your list is very good, but some very silly gift usually is the one that gets the most stealing in our family gift exchange game.
    Happy Holidays!

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