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10 Blogs that Feature Tips for Saving Money on Your Heating Bill

Published on January 22, 2013, by in Sitters.

As the colder weather arrives you can definitely see a hit on your wallet when you receive your heating bill.  While there’s not much you can do about the weather, there are many things you can do to save money on your heating bill. For example, sealing up any leaks in your home that may be around windows or doors can help keep heat in and adding insulation to your attic area will help prevent heat from rising straight through your roof.  Once your home is draft free you can save money by adding a programmable thermostat to your home as well.  Check out the following 10 blogs to get plenty of money saving tips just like these.


Part of home maintenance is keeping up with caulking around windows. Inspect all of your windows from the outside and make sure that the caulk looks good and is still flexible.  If the caulking is gone or is starting to dry and crumble, you will need to remove the old caulking and apply a new layer.  Make sure that your windows are of good quality and are air tight.  Replacing windows can be very expensive, but they are a sound investment in your home and the money you save with your heating bill will pay off the windows before you know it.  These five blogs will discuss even more ideas about weatherproofing your home.

  1. Home Heating Tips—Save Money on Your Next Heating Bill  Reverse the direction on your ceiling fan to push heat down off the ceiling to make the room more comfortable.  Open the blinds or curtains and let the sun warm up your home.  These and other tips can be found on this blog.
  2. Keep Your House Warm in the Winter Hang thick drapes and use draft blockers in doorways to keep the cold from coming in through the windows or doors. Upgrade your windows to a more energy efficient type.  These are just a few of the helpful tips offered by this blogger.
  3. Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter Keep child proofing covers on outlets to block any cold air from coming in through the outlet.  Install rubber gaskets behind switch plates to stop cold air from creeping in.  Add weather stripping to your home to keep the cold air out. You can find a variety of different ways to reduce your energy bills during the winter by reading this blog.
  4. Saving Money On Your Heating Bills This Winter Did you know that a home should have at least 12 inches of insulation in the attic? Adding insulation to your home could drastically reduce your heating bill during the winter.  Or you could install double glazed windows to help keep the heat inside.  This blog is chock full of smart tips to keep the heat in and your monthly bill down.
  5.  A Checklist for Winterizing and Weatherproofing Your Home This site provides a great checklist for everything having to do with winterizing your home.  It includes the basics, like insulation, but also goes much farther, touching on less common tips, like covering your outside facets and cleaning your air ducts. All in all, this is a very useful checklist to keep handy during the colder months.

Usage Tips

There’s only so much insulating you can do until your home is pretty air tight.  To further save you money on your heating bill you can change the way you use your furnace, keeping the house cooler when you aren’t home.  This and other tips can be found in the following five blogs.

  1. State Offers Tips to Save Money on Heating Bills Put on an extra sweater and turn the furnace down.  Use more blankets on the bed and keep the house colder at night.  Close shades at night to keep heat in.  Turning down the temperature on your water heater and washing your clothes in cooler temperatures can save you a lot of money.  Many useful tips can be found on this blog.
  2. 10 Tips on How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill Keeping doors closed to rooms that you do not use or closing the vents in those rooms can help cut back on your heating bill.  Changing the direction of your ceiling fan can also make a difference in how much money you spend each month. Check out this blog for easy switches you can make that all add up to savings on your heating bill at the end of each month.
  3. 10 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill! From keeping the damper closed on the fireplace to replacing your furnace with a more efficient model, there are several different ways you can cut back on how much you’re spending heating your house each month.  There are tons of useful tips in this post.
  4. Slash Winter Utility Bills This blogger wants you to make sure that your furnace is working properly to ensure that it’s not costing you extra money.  Changing your filters when needed can also save you money according to this blogger.
  5. 12 Tips to Save on Your Heating Bills  Companies aren’t infallible, and if you think they’ve made a mistake on your heating bill then you should give them a call.  The company might send someone out to look into the issue for you at no cost.  You might also qualify for weatherization help from the city or state that you live in.  These and several other useful tips can be found on this blog.
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